Ameren ESG/Sustainability Financing

Ameren published a Sustainability Financing Framework (“Framework”) on June 2, 2021, which allows Ameren Corporation and its subsidiaries to issue sustainable financing instruments and allocate to investments in eligible green and social categories. The green categories include projects related to renewable energy, climate change adaptation, energy efficiency, clean transportation, green buildings, and green innovation while social categories include socioeconomic advancement and empowerment, employment generation, and access to essential services.

Ameren has an unwavering commitment to sustainability which is directly embedded in our vision – “Leading the Way to a Sustainable Energy Future.” The Framework aligns with Ameren’s sustainability goals and its transition to a net-zero carbon emission by 2050. The Framework also aligns with Ameren’s social initiatives.

Ameren Missouri issued its inaugural green bond on October 9, 2020, to fund a portion of an ~$1.1 billion 700 MW wind generation investment. In December 2020, Ameren Missouri acquired the 400 MW High Prairie wind generation facility and in January 2021, acquired the Atchison wind generation facility that is expected to be 300 MW when completed in 2021.

The Framework is aligned with the four components of the Green Bond Principles 2018 and the four components of the Social Bond Principles 2020, collectively referred to as the Sustainability Bond Guidelines, as well as the four components of the Green Loan Principles 2021 and has received a second-party opinion from S&P.

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