Ameren Part of Industry Initiative to Enhance ESG/Sustainability Reporting

Ameren Corporation is participating in a voluntary industry initiative, coordinated by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and the American Gas Association (AGA), to provide electric and gas industry investors with more uniform and consistent environmental, social, governance and sustainability-related (ESG/sustainability) metrics. The result of the initiative, EEI-AGA's ESG/sustainability template Version 2, will supplement Ameren's already substantial reporting on these issues, including its annual Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Ameren was a member of the steering committee that helped lead the EEI-AGA's ESG/sustainability reporting effort. The template framework includes both qualitative information, including ESG/sustainability governance and strategy, and quantitative information, including data covering emissions, generation assets, portfolio data, and human and natural resources.

Ameren's EEI-AGA ESG/Sustainability Template